Individual Mouthguards for athletes

The perfectly fitting Dentafit Mouthguards provide the best protection and comfort. The service includes everything necessary: ​​taking impressions of the teeth, designing the structure of the guard, and the mouthguards manufactured by the dental laboratory.

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Individual mouthguards for all sports

Dentafit individual dental guards

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Differences between Dentafit mouth guard and store-bought

Dentafit individual
dental guard
Shop bought
dental guard
Very pleasant in the mouth Rarely comfortable to use
Adjustment by a dental professional
through the agency of
Shape yourself while hot
in the water
Made to measure individually
One size fits all
Easy to talk and breathe Difficulty speaking and breathing
Absorbs shocks with a good fit
thanks to
Protects less because it moves in the mouth
Very durable and long-lived Shorter service life
A leveled bite on the lower teeth
smoothes the impact over a larger area
Service life approx. 3-4 years I have to update often

Edis Tatli

Really good and comfortable in the mouth!

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Markus Rytöhonka

It is important to me that the mouthguards are as protective as possible and at the same time comfortable and easy to breathe. In addition, the design of the mouthguards has been a nice addition, as you can bring out your own personality.

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Marko Anttila

I use Dentafit HockeyPro mouthguards, you can too!

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Ice Hockey Federation

The official service partner of the Lions since 2019. The Young Lions are equipped with Dentafit HockeyPro mouthguards.


Pok Biil - Thai Boxer

Mouthguards are very important equipment for a fighter. Dentafit's Dental Guards are the best for our kind. I use it myself in every workout and recommend it to anyone who is at risk of getting hit in the head area!