What is an individual dental guard?

The individual mouth guard is made to measure according to the replica to protect the athlete in contact sports.

Is it possible/should a growing child buy an individual mouthguard?

Yes, it's worth it. During rapid growth and tooth changes, the mouth guard should be updated more often, n once a year. It is good to get your child used to wearing a mouth guard at a young age and invest in a guard that is comfortable to use and does not interfere with sports performance. In this case, using a mouth guard becomes a habit at a young age when the first experience of using it is positive.

Why would I buy an individual mouth guard?

The individual mouth guard is made to measure, so it gives the best possible protection and is very comfortable to use.

How do individual dental guards protect?

The dental guard sits firmly in place around each tooth. Only when the bite is leveled is the impact leveled over the entire jaw area, dampening it, reducing the possibility of a concussion.

How does the purchase process proceed?

Design and order a mouthguard in the online store. After that, select the nearest office or cooperation scanning station. Get an oral scan. The scan is sent to the Dentafit laboratory and the mouth guard is made. The finished mouth guard will be mailed to you or you can pick it up at our office.

Who manufactures and where are dental guards made?

Dentafit Mouthguards are manufactured in Finland, in our own laboratories in Helsinki's Hakaniemi or Sastamala. The mouth scan is performed by a cooperating dentist at our stations.

How Mouthguards work

Blows to the head can cause many types of injuries. Teeth can get enamel damage, cracks or splits from a direct blow to the mouth or when the blow causes the teeth to grind together. The force of a blow to the jaw can travel through the jaw joint to the bones of the skull, causing a concussion.

The dental guard works like a shock absorber: it distributes the force of the impact over a wider area, so that the power of the impact is reduced. The dental guard also keeps the jaw separate from the joint cavity and thus prevents shocks from traveling through the jaw joint to the skull area. These features reduce stress on the head area and can even prevent the aforementioned injuries.

What is the difference between protectors intended for different sports?

Martial arts where kicks and punches are aimed at the head need more protection than sports where they are not. Dentafit Mouthguards are manufactured according to the species, taking into account the requirements and characteristics of each species. They are made by layering different thick and hard plates and films.

How often should the dental guard be renewed?

If properly cared for, the service life of a custom-made mouthguard is approx. 3-4 years. The mouth guard should be updated more often if it has not been cared for and stored according to the instructions or used incorrectly (e.g. chewed loosely in the mouth). If there have been significant changes in the dentition, the protection should also be updated.

HOW is a dental guard made?